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Zubarev, M. E. Regional political elites in search of a regional consensus. Experience of the Komi Republic / M. E. Zubarev // Политконсультант. — 2023, Vol. 3, Iss. 2. — URL: (дата обращения: 20.04.2024).

Regional political elites in search of a regional consensus. Experience of the Komi Republic

Zubarev Mikhail Evgenʹevich
Russian State Social University, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. In the article «Regional political elites in search of a regional consensus. The experience of the Komi Republic» analyzes the modern processes of the formation of the regional political elite, the transformation of regional policy in the context of the institutionalization of the processes of formation of the personnel corps of the regional elite. Consensus plays an important role in ensuring the stability and effectiveness of governance at the regional level, so the study of the dynamics and factors contributing to its achievement is a hot topic. The article is based on empirical research and analysis of various political situations in the regions. In the course of the study, the authors identify the main characteristics of regional political elites, their interaction with each other and with other social and economic actors. The role and influence of federal structures on the process of consensus formation is also highlighted. The problems of mutual influence of the regional political elite and the federal business elite, the contradiction of interests of the national political elite and the federal business group claiming political positions are revealed. An attempt has been made to generalize the current state of the phenomenon under consideration and to offer original conclusions that reflect an individual approach and the author’s position in relation to the analyzed process. The article is intended for political scientists, scientists, government and regional officials, as well as for everyone interested in issues of regional policy and management. The researcher’s own vision is formulated regarding the further development of the discussion raised, the manuscript is distinguished by simplicity and clarity in the presentation of a personal position. The study can be used for academic and practical purposes to develop strategies and policy solutions that contribute to the achievement of regional consensus and improve the effectiveness of governance in the regions.

Keywords: political elite; business elite; political process; national elite; regional policy; Komi Republic; strategy


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