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Anti-plagiarism policy

Manuscripts submitted to the Journal undergo mandatory anti-plagiarism check.

The Publisher considers the following to be forms of plagiarism:

  • use (verbatim quoting) of any materials in any volume without indicating the source;
  • use of images, drawings, photographs, tables, graphs, diagrams and any other forms of graphical presentation of information without indicating the source;
  • use of images, drawings, photographs, tables, graphs, diagrams and any other forms of graphical presentation of information published in scientific and popular publications without the consent of the copyright holder;
  • use without written permission of materials, whose authors or copyright holders prohibit the use of their materials without formal consent.

The Publisher does not welcome excessive citation that may obscure the most valuable information. Reviews and other article types, which require a greater number of citations for objective reasons, are considered on an individual basis.

Self-citation is permissible only when references to all the sources are correctly indicated. If the Author intends to publish the material already published elsewhere, a clear indication should be provided about the source and the motivating reasons.

Self-citation is allowed in the following order: conference proceedings → scientific article → monograph.

Self-citation is allowed within reasonable limits in the introduction (literature review), as well as in the description of research methods and obtained results.

Self-citation is NOT allowed in the concluding part of the article containing discussion of the obtained results and conclusions.

Citation of the Author’s dissertation research. Articles may be based on the authors’ dissertation research in cases where the text of the dissertation research has not been published before. Such a publication should have the structure, logic and all the attributes of a scientific article. Articles based on dissertation research cannot be published in co-authorship. At the end of the abstract of such articles, an indication should be given that the author’s dissertation research was used as a basis for the article (alongside the place and year of defence).

Plagiarism check

Manuscripts submitted to the journals of the Publishing company «World of science», LLC, undergo a multi-step anti-plagiarism check using a methodology developed by the Publisher. The originality of manuscripts is verified using two systems: and AntiPlagiarism.NET.

Manuscripts submitted in English are checked using PlagiarismCheckerX.

In case of detection of borrowings, their detail assessment is carried out. Such assessment considers the authorship of the borrowed text, the presence or absence of references and the type of source text (scientific article, monograph, dissertation, book, study book, or a text derived from the Internet without an explicit indication of the authorship). Following the analysis, a decision is made about the possibility or impossibility of publishing the article.

Author(s) are notified about negative decisions via email providing the list of unauthorized borrowings.

Identification of techniques artificially increasing the text originality

The Publisher strongly discourages the use of any techniques that can increase the text originality. The Publisher employs specifically developed software packages to identify all such techniques.

Manuscripts with the signs of using techniques for increasing their originality cannot be accepted for publication in the Publisher’s journals (even in the case of revision). If the publication has already been paid, the money will not be returned.

Multiple submissions

Authors must not submit a manuscript to more than one journal simultaneously. In cases where the material presented in the submitted manuscript has been fully or partially published elsewhere, the Author(s) must inform the Editors about this fact and justify the reasons. The final decision is taken on an individual basis. In the event of discovered multiple submissions or publications, the Editors reserve the right to withdraw (retract) such articles.

Publication date: 11th July 2019