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Kochev, S. A. Social networks in shaping the political image of the Russian Federation / S. A. Kochev // Политконсультант. — 2021, Vol. 1, Iss. 4. — URL: (дата обращения: 22.07.2024).

Social networks in shaping the political image of the Russian Federation

Kochev Stanislav Andreevich
Russian State Social University, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. The issue raised in the scientific article «Social Networks in the Formation of the Political Image of the Russian Federation» is of particular interest and is a brief but sufficient question for understanding and debate, corresponds to the direction of research in the specialty «Political institutions, processes and technologies». The author summarizes the current state of the chosen object of study, clarifies the categories of the conceptual apparatus, describes both new and already established views on the subject under study. Attention is focused on the current state of the political development of society, the positions and opinions of political scientists are studied, taking into account the socio-cultural and political life of our society in the context of the problem raised. The relevance of modern methods of studying digital diplomacy is also associated with the global transfer of information materials to electronic media, while communications with other countries are also transferred to a digital platform, and the accounts of government officials, state authorities, etc. become an important and flexible part of the image of states. In the modern world, diplomacy in social networks has also adopted manifestations of mass Internet culture. Everything is being improved — from the form of presenting information (texts, visuals) to the form of communication with fellow politicians. As an empirical basis for the study, information was used on the activities of the representative authorities of the Russian Federation, the main figures of Russian politics, whose activities are focused on the international class. We reviewed the official pages on the social networks Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., analyzed publications and various headings.

Keywords: social networks; digital diplomacy; political image; state image; Telegram; Facebook; Twitter; YouTube


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