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Kochev, S. A. Social networks in shaping the political image of the Russian Federation / S. A. Kochev // Политконсультант. — 2022, Vol. 2, Iss. 3. — URL: (дата обращения: 22.07.2024).

Social networks in shaping the political image of the Russian Federation

Kochev Stanislav Andreevich
Russian State Social University, Moscow, Russia

Abstract. The problem considered in the scientific article «Social networks in shaping the political image of the Russian Federation» is relevant and important, is a brief but sufficient for understanding and debate question, corresponds to the direction of research in the specialty Political institutions, processes and technologies. This work examines the role of social networks in shaping the political image of the Russian Federation. Attention is focused on the current state of the political development of society, the positions and opinions of political scientists are studied, taking into account the socio-cultural and political life of our society in the context of the problem raised. The author emphasizes that social networks allow political leaders and parties to communicate with voters and present their ideas, but can also be used to manipulate public opinion and spread false information. The author believes that the use of social networks for political purposes should be limited by law and ethical standards. The article describes the method of political analysis of the image of a political actor in social networks using visual technology. The author emphasizes that visual elements in social networks, such as photos and videos, can have a significant impact on the perception of a political actor and his image. The author describes an analysis method that allows assessing the impact of visual elements on the perception of the image of a political actor and identifying its strengths and weaknesses. The author believes that such an analysis can help political actors improve their image and communicate more effectively with the audience on social networks.

Keywords: social network; image; policy; leader; the consignment; voter; legislation; Internet; content marketing


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